DominatrixM. - Mistress from, Warsaw - Poland.


To make an appointment with me for sessions, call at least 2h IN ADVANCE (before your desired session time). 


At the beginning, identify yourself and tell me your age.

Tell me how much experience you have in femdom / bdsm / sm and what type of control you are interested in – including specific elements.

YOU CAN ASK ME for something, but never demand anything! 



Do you feel submissive? Do you not know how to satisfy this desire? Do you feel unhappy and want to be a captive to a powerful, truly dominant Dominatrix? Do you miss or dream about a real Mistress? You have come to the right place ... 



I am demanding and sophisticated lady, with beautifully maintained body, feet and hands. I pay special attention to my appearance, so that my physical beauty is always displayed and magnified by challenging, matching outfits. You will tremble with excitement at the sight of me and feel awe before my person. My voice will ring in your mind constantly. I am sharp and assertive; I do not know the word mercy. I am a complete DOMINA, and a perverse bi with experience. I have no problem communicating with people in English-speaking sessions. I travel frequently, so you can ask me about meetings at theme events in London and Berlin.




I invite you to a meeting with me (18+)

-Submissive men,

-Submissive women,

-Couples (the tribute is doubled),

-Submissive fetishists,


-Submissive TV / CD & TS,

-Submissives seeking a fixed service based on a contract,

-Money slaves also based on a contract.







-Training FOR BEGINNERS (Do not have experience and would like to try? Tell me about it. Read all types of dominance below and select the ones that most interest you, or just leave with me. At your first session femdom / bdsm carried out any kind of domination or just selected elements-and then find out what is most appropriate for you. Me too I can tell by your reactions. you have the right to security password after you break a certain task and move on to the next with little break to rest or no.)


-SOFT DOMINATION (soft domination combined with eroticism; an introduction to fetishes and perversions without physical and mental domination; or just delicate touches of the art of BDSM).


-MENTAL (name-calling, human furniture, spitting, face slapping, humiliation, orders, waiting on your Mistress, Mistress-dog relationship: walking on a leash, consuming food and drink from a bowl, etc.)


-PHYSICAL (Spanking, whipping, flogging, trampling, cbt, ballbusting, wax, nipple torture, torture, face slapping, drill and exercise etc.)


-BONDAGE (Stocks, cross, bond, restraining, mummification, handcuffs, chains, rivets etc.)


-FETISH CLIMATE (foot fetish, smoking fetish, high heel worship, crush fetish, corset fetish, latex, leather, nylon, linen, etc.)


-EROTIC (erection control and masturbation, face-sitting wearing only underwear or pantyhose, strap on, fisting, high heel worship, foot worship, oral and anal penetration in your direction, etc.)







-EDT (piss and scat on the body or consumption 


-MEDICAL (needles, probe insertion into the shaft *penetration of the penis(Sounding 1mm-17mm)


-FEMINIZATION (depilation, full makeup, nail polish, women's underwear, sexy clothes that make you feel completely a woman, high heels, wigs, learning to walk and speech training)


-ROLE PLAY (Role of different roles and situations: teacher - student, Mrs. - maid / butler, Commander - subordinate, owner - pet, Head - subordinate / a Mrs. - male / female)


-PUBLIC DOMINATION (e. g. outings to clubs and theme parties)




-VIRTUAL DOMINATION (skype, send e-mail with request)






I'm not a charity! Real and virtual training requires that you submit a tribute as the first part of your humiliation. The tribute is spent on clothes, shoes, equipment for sessions and for my own pleasure (hairdressers, beauticians, etc.).





  Sex with your Mistress is forbidden!



While serving your Mistress, you will follow strict discipline and show respect at each step. You will see that this will happen to the very limits of your strength. I will teach you humility and how to overcome your inner barriers. Of course, for those who are merely curious or just starting out on this path, it is possible to arrange a session without acute domination in a climate of soft domination and fetish.



Service is possible at your home on an hourly, daily, nightly or weekend basis or for a few days.

I invite you to visit me for training from the ground up – for submissive service to an experienced Mistress.



By training you and fulfilling your fantasies of servitude, I also bring myself satisfaction. Trust and respect are the basis of any Mistress-submissive relationship, and I strive constantly build these in the relationship with each submissive.

Discretion and safety is a priority for me.

BDSM is my life and Femdom is integrated in my style.



I allow photos to be taken and movies to be shot during sessions (with the amount of tribute to be determined)




I receive many questions regarding possible gifts you can offer your Mistress (when brought between your teeth they add a little something extra).

While gifts are certainly not required, if you have a desire to show me your high level of sophistication, this will add to the atmosphere of the session. The more satisfied your Mistress, the better it will be for you.

As an extra gift, you may bring to your session:

-Gold Jewellery

-Your Mistress’s favourite perfume 

-Bdsm equipment (ask by phone what I would like to have)

-Flowers (red roses)

-Good spirits

-Underwear (80 E, L, stockings / tights 4)

-Clothing (corsets, leather, latex, classic)

-Shoes/heels, 39




If you have any other ideas please let me know. Such a gift will definitely extend your sessions in my femdom kingdom or decrease the amount of the tribute. 

If I am happy with your service, you may use your teeth to remove stockings from the legs of your divine Mistress (and not only) – I may even let you take them home.


My studio are located in the centre of Warsaw in a discreet and quiet place. I have a cross on the wall. (Chains on hooks with leather shackles).

I have Profesionalne stocks in my studio. 

(wood&real leather, hooks)

I have a red light in the studio to help you relax and empathize with my climate femdom/bdsm.



I do not answer calls from unlisted numbers.

I do not answer questions via SMS.


IF I DO NOT answer the phone (and you are sure you want to arrange a training session) send me a text message. I'll text you back when I find time for you.



Requests for admission to virtual training should be sent to me on e-mail, skype: Dominatrix M



Respect my time.






Beautiful Mistress from Poland